Freddy the Op-Frog

Let's get to know each other:

This is Freddy, The big Op-Frog that makes people cheer up again! He has just come out of hospital himself and knows better than anyone that extra attention and care is important for everyone.

It will be on the counter in our hall from December and you can contact him if you or someone you know is in desperate need of a boost or. free treatment. Or do you want to put someone in the spotlight and surprise them because they show so much commitment to their fellow man? Freddy gives you the opportunity for that extra kudos!

Freddy is originally a savings frog for money but because money doesn't always make you happy he wants to make others happy by awarding a free treatment at our institute. Because he can be a bit greedy, his tummy has to be emptied every first of the month. So every new month gives new opportunities.

How does Freddy work?

Write your name, telephone and e-mail address on a thin piece of paper and briefly describe the situation why you (or he, whether or not it) deserves it. Fold the paper well double and put it in the slot at the top near his crown. Every last working day of the month we will collect the notes and choose only one. We'll contact the person listed on the note.. You can join each month if you want, but to keep the draw honest you can only win a free treatment or boost once.

By the way… Freddy, of course, remains a frog and can fulfill many wishes, but since it's made of ceramics, we're about to 100% Assuming he won't turn into a prince if you kiss him!