New! Hammam treatments

This unique Hammam with Mediterranean elements is a tribute to Hippocrates, the father & #8216;’ of Western medicine. Despite these Roman-Greek origin the real roots go further back to the Middle East and India, where the origin of Ayurveda is. You will then not only in this Hammam & #8216; standard’ receive treatments, but experienced an amalgamation of various cultures who let body and mind cleanse and nourish. We currently only offer two packages: hammam experience for 2, and the VIP package (for 2-4 people).

Please note that the Hammam is open by appointment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can also create a tailor-made package book with us.


Hammam – experience for 2 persons (70 euro p. p. – 60 min.)

Get to know an ancient purification ritual! In this unique, intimate Hammam with Roman-Greek elements you imagine yourself right away in times of antiquity and Hippocrates (the father of Western medicine, You can see on one of the walls). While you're on the heated marble table you will be surrounded by the sound of rippling water, fine fragrances and feel the benefits of showering hot water as a blanket over your body. Delicious tea to close ensures that all your senses after this luxurious treatment fully balanced and thereby ensures optimal relaxation.

In addition to this package, you can choose from one of the many massages as extra with heated oils bv. Argan oil, These are not included in the amount shown in.

The package (60 min.) for 2 persons consists of:

  • Receipt and explanation
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Massage with a choice of olive oil SOAP or peeling with salt scrub (20 minutes)
  • Cup of Oriental tea
  • Option (to book in advance at, per person): face mask (2.50 euros), massage with argan oil 30 my. (30 euro).

Please bring your own what?

panties, bikini or swimsuit, a pestemal/hamamcloth/bathrobe, slippers, a bath towel and a towel. You can get a hamamset (bathrobe/hamamcloth, disposable briefs and-slippers, bath towel and towel) rent from us for 10 Euro.


Hammam VIP treatment (for 2 to 4 people, 120 euro p.p. – 2 to 3 hour, Depending on the Group)

Are you ready for a & #8216; take care’ time? You have something to celebrate? And would you like with your partner/friend/colleague's n (s) get away from it all? Choose for this package! Get your whole body from head to toe attention. A full cleansing ritual and nutrient elements. After the treatments feel you again completely rejuvenated!

The package consists of:

  • Welcome with explanation and welcome drink
  • Foot
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Wash with soft olive oil SOAP
  • Body scrub
  • SOAP bubbles ritual (with the TORBA, cotton zeepzak)
  • You can muster to desire a facial mask
  • Relaxation massage with warm argan oil
  • Relax with fresh mint tea with sweets.

Please bring your own what?

Panties, bikini or swimsuit, pestemal/hamamcloth/bathrobe, slippers, a bath towel and a towel. You can also hammamset (bathrobe, disposable briefs- and slippers, bath towel and towel) rent from us for 10 Euro.