New department! LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa

From May, our wellness department will be officially LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa! A department where all senses receive attention. We are open by appointment from Thursday to Sunday.

You can use a schedule an appointment. Most treatments can also be booked as a duo treatment (please contact us for this).

Lakshmi (also known in the west as Venus) is the goddess of pure love, beauty, peace, wisdom and wealth. The ultimate values in life that give us happiness in life.

LakShmi is also the name of bio-ecological natural cosmetics based on the fundamentals of Ayurveda and aromatherapy, and is characterized by delicious scents, products and beautiful packaging that appeals to all your senses. It is produced in Italy and has been 1989 powerfully portrayed worldwide in the natural cosmetics industry. The brand is on the rise at beauty salons, but with us it is mainly part of a concept that is used to support overall health. ‘Man Sana in Corpore Sano’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body), the Romans of antiquity already knew. Aromatherapy is a simple, nice way to quickly get back into the body through smell experience. LakShmi's products are an alternative to the traditional classic Ayurveda treatments (which often involves oil) a nice addition for anyone who wants to pamper their body in a modern way!

For example, LakShmi covers for every person, every age and every season a line developed into a wide range of products. The so-called Rituals (Ayurveda and India are known for their rituals that mainly aim to create a rhythm and attention to the 'divine’ you can all visit our specialists in our Spa. What are you going for?

LakShmi Lotus Face Ritual

The basic treatment in which the head and face are important. You start with a relaxing foot bath and fragrance experience of essential oils tailored to your constitution. You can also use this treatment for routine maintenance. 60 minutes.

LakShmi Relax Ritual incl. dosha test

Do you know what type you are yet? Vata (wind/ether), pitta (fire/water), kapha (water/earth)? On the basis of this test, we will look at which product line suits you and undergo the treatment that suits you from head to toe (head/face/décolleté, neck/shoulders, hands and legs/feet). The treatment concludes with a sound ritual and a cup of deliciously fragrant herbal tea. 90 minutes.

LakShmi Anti-Age Ritual

A nourishing treatment for your face/head/neck shoulder/décolleté/arms/hands/feet aimed at slowing down aging. Works like a natural mini facelift! You can also use this treatment for routine maintenance. 90 minutes.

LakShmi Pada Spa Ritual

A treatment that focuses on your legs and feet, also our work organs that we soon neglect! Very suitable if you often have to stand for a long time, have swollen legs/feet or other problems. Please note: this is not a pedicure treatment! Even if you are looking for some grounding, this treatment will be perfect for you. 90 minutes.

LakShmi Detox Spa Ritual

A whole body treatment aimed at anticellulite, lymphatic drainage, lose weight, strengthening and support for additional toxin removal in the body. Your body gets a thorough scrub, a gasket and nourishing creams/rich oils . In addition, you will also go in the special Svedana (steam room). 90 minutes.

LakShmi Sensorial Ritual

A treatment that specifically focuses on restoring your energy. Gemmotherapy (gemstones) is used, sound- en Aromatherapy. 60 minutes.