Opening and regulation around Covid-19

From 11 May 2020 soon the giving of treatments is allowed again! We are very happy with that, especially because physical touch and personal attention essential for both our mental and physical health. These are individual treatments, so no group activities (such as yoga classes and workshops).

We have taken additional measures in the field of hygiene in practice. It says, among other things,. a vial with disinfectant hand gel ready that you can use when you feel needed.

Slow restart of the economy is phased and under strict regulation. In this way, we limit unnecessary spread of the Corona virus. Therefore, if you contact us via email, you will first be sent a standard protocol that you should read. Here you will find the most important rules on how we as clients and as a practitioner can take each other into account (e.g.. as much as possible, the 1,5 meter distance handling and greeting without shaking hands). This standard protocol has been drawn up by bodies and associations from our profession in cooperation with the RIVM. When you come to our hands we will ask you some more questions through a so-called triage questionnaire. Only when all the questions have gone through can we start treatment.

Do you have an appointment? Then come about 10 minutes before the appointment. Take a seat on the sofa/chair in the hall and fill out the form. We work with pre-made appointments over the phone, whatsapp, email or via the online calendar.

Despite everything, we try to create the old familiar atmosphere again. If you have any questions or tips, we would of course like to hear about it!