Practice opened during lockdown


We would like to let you know that we have been given the temporary green light from the batc professional association to practical work continue. We assume that this (albeit to a limited extent) will continue to. Other professional associations (e.g.. CAT) do their utmost to keep officially accredited paramedical therapists at work .

We know from years of experience that complementary Paramedical support caregiver in a regular care that is now under extra strain and needs to be relieved. The previous two lock-downs show that there has been a particularly strong rise in depression, stress, loneliness and physical (often unexplained) complaints. Complaints that we as a healthcare provider in the complementary field can partly overcome.

Safety, current restrictions and conditions (such as 1,5 metres away and wearing mouthcaps) must be ensured. We can respond to this. In addition, these are medically responsible treatments covered by the Health Insurance Act. When you book an appointment with us we will contact you personally to answer a number of questions. We hope for your understanding of that!

Ayurvedic consultations take place at a safe distance in the same room, phone call or image calling. In the latter two, you must transfer the amount to us in advance of the appointment.

In our spacious hall you will find an overview of the conditions for treatment on entry, we will then ask again for confirmation if you agree. Of course, we plan the appointments in such a way that you do not come into contact with other clients.

As soon as we have any news regarding the work, we will let you know as soon as possible via newsletter, website and Facebook page!