Rate changes from Feb. 2021

Starting from February 2021 for years, we have been making changes to the existing tariffs again.. This is due to an increase in general costs and a return to tax (VAT) on all our services and products.

What does this mean for our clients?

The increase is mainly true for our therapeutic treatments/consultations. We charge one standard rate including VAT per treatment/consultation of half an hour. If you are additionally insured, you can continue to submit the note’s to the health insurer, VAT does not affect your compensation.

Are you an entrepreneur / Company?

Then it can be beneficial because you can deduct the VAT. You are also more advantageous than before. Supervision and training, training or workshop with us can be attractive. We also provide packages or treatments within a company or on site in consultation. If you are interested in the latter, you can contact us via email.

Are you a regular client??

For our loyal clients, we make an exception to the rule. You pay the same rate as before and we postpone the increase until the end of June 2021.