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Below is the offer of our wellness programma. You can book the treatment via this link:

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Take into account a small lead time of the treatments. We also give duo treatments (treatment for 2 people in one room). Please note that this space is on the first floor, and accessible via a long staircase!

For all therapeutic treatments apply a different pricing policy, for information please contact us or make an appointment for a consultation.

LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa

LakShmi Lotus Face Ritual The basis for a facial. receipt, Intake, skin analysis and advice, smell experience of vata-pitta-kapha; clean, feeding and boosting. Cleansing the skin, serum, mask and day- or apply night cream. Includes facial massage. (Options to book with the beautician: dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes, epilation, depth cleaning etc., per 15 minutes: 15 €).
60 minutes: 75 Euro
LakShmi Relax Ritual (including doshatest) Reception with foot bath, constitutiebepaling, fragrance experience of vata-pitta-kapha, facial treatment with the recommended LakShmi line based on constitution and skin, massage of face and feet, closing sound ritual and cup of herbal tea (Tisama)
90 minutes: 105 Euro
LakShmi Anti-Age Ritual (including chakrahealing) Reception with foot bath, vata-pitta-kapha fragrance experience, facial with regenerating miscellular face mask, cleansing of the face and specifically around the eyes, fruit acid peeling, mild cleansing black mud mask, natural facelift peel-off mask, massage of face, cleavage, feet, arms and hands; chakra fragrance experience journey with a sound ritual and cup of herbal tea (Tisama).
90 minutes: 105 Euro
LakShmi Pada Spa Ritual (including chakrahealing) Reception with magnesium foot bath, Intake, vata-pitta-kapha fragrance experience, massage of specific legs and feet focused on constitution and season; Scrub, cryotherapy (Cryo Gamathi) to promote circulation, basic care of the feet; chakra fragrance experience journey with a sound ritual and cup of herbal tea (Tisama).
90 minutes: 105 Euro
LakShmi Detox Spa Ritual (sauna included) Reception with detox foot bath, intake tailored to constitution and season; dry scrub of the whole body with silk gloves depending on constitution and recommended Garshan line (Slim, tonic, Dren) for e.g. reinforcement, anticellulite, lose weight; body wrap (based on algae, moor and clay), svedana (steam sauna); chakra fragrance experience journey with concluding a sound ritual, alkalising mineral drink/fresh detox juice (seasonal).
90 minutes: 105 Euro
LakShmi Sensorial Ritual (gemstone-sound aromatherapy)
Relaxing sensory journey through the 7 chakra’s of your body. The treatment is very suitable for everyone and any condition. 60 minutes: 75 Euro

Classic Ayurveda

Abhyanga (body massage)

50 minutes: 75 Euro.
90 minutes (including root): 125 Euro.
120 minutes (including root): 145 Euro.

Shiroabhyanga (head massage, incl. neck and shoulders)

30 minutes: 40 Euro.
50 minutes: 75 Euro.

Shirodhara (main begieting)

30 minutes: 55 euro (with oil).
50 minutes: 80 euro (with oil).
Shirodhara and Abhyanga Head pouring with oil and body massage (1 masseur)
100 minutes: 145 Euro.

Massage by 2 masseurs

Abhyanga Body massage (including root)
50 minutes: 125 Euro.
Abhyanga in Shirodhara Body massage and hoofdbegieting
50 minutes: 145 Euro.
Pindasveda Stempelmassage
50 minutes: 150 Euro.
Pizzhichil Rich flowing oil body massage
50 minutes: 150 Euro.


LakShmi Pampering Package

  • Welcome drink with foot bath and Ayurvedic constitution determination
  • Starting ritual with aromatic oils
  • Facial (incl.. cleaning, Scrub, mask, massage and day cream)
  • Treatment of décolleté and neck
  • Foot massage
  • Relaxing closing ritual.

90 minutes: 105 Euro.


Full Body Detox Treatment

Undergo a course of intensive cleaning from head to toe, with our special products from the Ayurvedic LakShmi Garshan line! Let your skin and body shine again! In order to have the waste disposed of better, you will also go to the special steam room (svedana) during this treatment.

  • Welcome ritual with a detox drink, smell experience and advice
  • Activating treatment of the whole body by means of intensive exfoliation of the skin , a body wrap, sauna and massage where the skin and lymph nodes are thoroughly tackled.
  • Garshan Dren: works moisture-wicking
  • Garshan Tonic: works skin firming
  • Garshan Slim: activates fat burning

90 minutes: 105 Euro.

3x full body detox treatment (315 euros).

5x full body detox treatment (525 euros).


Massage package

Foot, massage of back, neck and shoulders, facial massage, body gasket (choice of lavender or algae cream).
90 minutes: 95 Euro.

Get to know Ayurveda Wellness Combi package

Oil massage with option head massage, sauna or head begieting.
90 minutes: 125 Euro.

Mini Spa Abhyanga – Svedana – Ubtan

Body Massage, sauna and herbal clay gasket. Ontgiftende werking.
120 minutes: 145 Euro.

Garshan and luxury gasket

Body massage with rough silk gloves and soft mushy of chocolate and coconut (do not shower) or algae cream. Improves blood circulation and lymphatic system; huidverjongend.
60 minutes: 80 Euro.

Hammam treatments (temporarily unbookable)

Hammam Ayurveda, for 1 person, 90 minutes: 120 Euro.
Ayurveda body treatments with scrubs and watering (no oil). Also available in therapy.
Hammam experience for 2 , 60 minutes: 70 Euro pp.
Foot, Turkish steam bath, body treatment with scrub and SOAP, In conclusion, Oriental tea
Options: face mask (2.50 euro pp.), Argan oil massage 30 my. (30 euro pp.)
Hammam VIP treatment for 2 to 4 people, 120-180 minutes: 120 Euro pp.
Ritual with foot bath, Turkish steam bath, body treatment with scrub and SOAP, bubbles ritual , face mask to wish, massage with argan oil, In conclusion, relax with Oriental tea table with sweets.


Anti-Stress massage / Classical massage (back / neck / shoulders)
30 minutes: 40 Euro
50 minutes: 70 Euro
Head massage
50 minutes: 70 Euro
30 minutes: 40 Euro
50 minutes: 70 Euro
Balance massage
50 minutes: 70 Euro
Hot&coldstone massage
60 minutes: 80 Euro
Gaskets (algae-algae cream-herbs-choco coconut)
30 minutes: 40 Euro
60 minutes: 70 Euro

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