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Below is the offer of our wellness programma. You can book the treatment via this link:

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Take into account a small lead time of the treatments. We also give duo treatments (treatment for 2 people in one room.

For all therapeutic treatments apply a different pricing policy, for information please contact us or make an appointment for a consultation.

Abhyanga (body massage)

60 minutes: 75 Euro.
90 minutes (including root): 125 Euro.
120 minutes (including root): 145 Euro.

Shiroabhyanga (head massage, incl. neck and shoulders)

30 minutes: 40 Euro.
50 minutes: 75 Euro.

Shirodhara (main begieting)

30 minutes: 55 euro (with oil).
50 minutes: 80 euro (with oil).
Shirodhara and Abhyanga Head watering and body massage (1 masseur)
90 minutes: 125 Euro.

Massage by 2 masseurs

Abhyanga Body massage (including root)
50 minutes: 125 Euro.
Abhyanga in Shirodhara Body massage and hoofdbegieting
50 minutes: 145 Euro.
Pindasveda Stempelmassage
50 minutes: 150 Euro.
Pizzhichil Rich flowing oil body massage
50 minutes: 150 Euro.

Combination Treatments

Shirodhara incl. abhyanga Body Massage & hoofdbegieting
90 minutes: 125 Euro.
Abhyanga + Svedana Body massage and sauna (steam room or infrared cabin)
90 minutes: 125 Euro
Shirodhara incl. abhyanga Hoofdbegieting and body massage
100 minutes: 145 Euro.

Antistress Massage Arrangement Foot, massage of back, neck and shoulders, facial massage, body gasket (choice of lavender or algae cream).
90 minutes: 95 Euro.

Get to know Ayurveda Wellness Combi package Oil massage with option head massage, sauna or head begieting.
90 minutes: 95 Euro.

Mini Spa Abhyanga – Svedana – Ubtan Body Massage, sauna and herbal clay gasket.
120 minutes: 145 Euro.

Garshan and luxury gasket Body massage with raw silk gloves and soft moussepakking of chocolate and coconut (not afdouchen). Improves blood circulation and lymphatic system; huidverjongend.
60 minutes: 80 Euro.

Hammam treatments (not bookable for the time being)

Hammam Ayurveda, for 1 person, 90 minutes: 120 Euro.
Ayurveda body treatments with scrubs and watering (no oil). Also available in therapy.
Hammam experience for 2 , 60 minutes: 70 Euro pp.
Foot, Turkish steam bath, body treatment with scrub and SOAP, In conclusion, Oriental tea
Options: face mask (2.50 euro pp.), Argan oil massage 30 my. (30 euro pp.)
Hammam VIP treatment for 2 to 4 people, 120-180 minutes: 120 Euro pp.
Ritual with foot bath, Turkish steam bath, body treatment with scrub and SOAP, bubbles ritual , face mask to wish, massage with argan oil, In conclusion, relax with Oriental tea table with sweets


Lakshmi Sensorial Spa (from 1 May 2021)

Lakshmi Lotus Face Ritual

Lakshmi Relax Ritual (including doshatest)

Lakshmi Anti-Age Ritual (including chakra healing)

Lakshmi Pada Spa Ritual (including chakra healing)

Lakshmi Detox Spa Ritual (sauna included)

Lakshmi Sensorial Ritual (noblest sound aromatherapy)


Package anti-stress massage
(with choice of magnesium oil or solvents: foot bath, massage of head/neck/shoulders, arms and legs)
90 minutes: 90 Euro
Anti-Stress massage / Classical massage (back / neck / shoulders)
30 minutes: 40 Euro
60 minutes: 70 Euro
Head massage
60 minutes: 70 Euro
30 minutes: 40 Euro
60 minutes: 70 Euro
Balance massage
60 minutes: 70 Euro
Hot&coldstone massage
60 minutes: 80 Euro
Gaskets (algae-algae cream-herbs-choco coconut)
30 minutes: 40 Euro
60 minutes: 70 Euro

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