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€ 44,99 for an Ayurveda combi Wellness package for 1 person (value € 80)

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This time a Ayurveda combi-Wellness package, at the end of the summer months. To get yourself back on to assemble and prepare you for the dark, cold months. The treatment is super relaxed because of the so called. vata- lowering properties, So what very good for your nervous system.

Why an Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga)?

Regular massage with warm oil causes your body (and mind) more resistant to stress and accumulation of waste. It works on the one hand and, on the other hand, cleaning feeding on the body. You can even deterioration of the body slow down and increase flexibility and suppleness with it. Also on energy level, the massage beneficial. An abhyanga oil massage gives by the warmth and lavish use of oil in addition, a top luxury pamper feeling! The treatment is also included in the face.

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You can choose from the following combination treatments:

Body massage with oil and head massage

Ayurvedic oil massage including an intensely relaxing head massage with oil. Recommended if your head well needs to be addressed to get rid of that psychological stress and headaches.

Body massage with oil and head begieting

Ayurvedic oil massage including shirodhara. This main begieting is one of the most characteristic and sought after treatments in Ayurveda of the head because he is very effective at psychological symptoms, Ear nose and throat problems, headaches and sleep problems.

Body massage with sauna

Ayurvedic massage in combination with the sauna. Take first place in our comfortable infrared sauna and finish with a relaxing massage of the body with oil. The infrared works fine when muscle- and joint problems because of her intense and direct radiation. Works very well with the removal of toxins and lose weight. After the sauna you step in the shower and you can enjoy further enjoy the massage.


Validity: 3 months from the time of purchase on Monday to Friday.
Purchase: maximum 1 GroupOn per person to use, but more groupons for sale as a gift.
Reserveby telephone: required minimum 48 hours in advance 0624 490 072 or via email at o. v. v. GroupOn.
Cancel: minimum 4 hours in advance, This will invalidate the validity of your groupon.

Bring your own: 1 large bath towel or cloth and 2 hand towels and slippers. You can for 7,50 Euro rent a towel set.

Important info:

  • Take your printed groupon!
  • Please note that after the treatment oil on your body. Often, the oil will already largely during the massage in the skin are included. We recommend comfortable, good washable clothes to wear. For the head, you can best bring a hat or scarf.
  • This package includes use of natural aromatic oil. Would you like a massage with herbal oil? Please indicate this when booking, rate is 5 euro extra.
  • The main begieting (shirodhara) consists of an herbal extract or from a water-based liquid and aromatic oils. Would you like a begieting head with herbal oil? Please indicate this when booking, rate is 10 euro extra.
  • We disclaim that the offered package a wellness treatment is. We are not liable for any damages or consequences resulting from not listed (underlying) conditions/physical and psychological conditions.

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