Consulten dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan

In september en oktober is Dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan van Anjaneya Ayurvedic Hospital & Kalari marma chikitsalayam uit Kerala te gast in ons instituut.

Tijdens mijn verblijf dit voorjaar in India verbleef ik in de kliniek gerund door haar familie. Ik heb veel kunnen leren en nieuwe ervaringen kunnen opdoen in een eeuwenoude familietraditie van Ayurveda en kalari (oude zuid-Indiase krijgskunst).

Dr. Parvathy zal tijdens haar verblijf oa. seminars, consulten en workshops op gebied van Ayurveda, kalari en marmatherapie verzorgen. Ook zal er uitvoerig worden ingegaan op Panchakarma (de Ayurvedische reinigingskuur) en de mogelijkheid om deze te ondergaan. Een gedetailleerd programma overzicht volgt binnenkort kun je vinden op Programma met dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan of Agenda .

Voor individuele consulten bij dr. Parvathy kun je een afspraak maken via telefoon, whatsapp of email. Tijdens haar verblijf kun je ook terecht voor intake om mee te doen aan panchakarma  (in India en Nederland).

In September and October we have a special programme at our center with Dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan from Anjaneya Ayurvedic Hospital & Kalari marma chikitsalayam. During my stay this spring in India I stayed in the clinic run by her family. During my stay there I have been able to learn a lot and gain new experiences in an age-old family tradition of Ayurveda and kalari (ancient South Indian martial arts). During her stay in The Netherlands Dr. Parvathy is giving two seminars, private consultations and several workshops based on Ayurveda, kalari and marmatherapy. For more information: see Programma met dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan or Agenda . She will also give a lecture about Panchakarma (the Ayurvedic cleansing treatment) and the possibility to follow a special programme. For individual consultations with Dr .Parvathy you can make an appointment by email, phone or whatsapp. During her visit you can also have an intake to participate in panchakarma (in India and the Netherlands).

Dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan is a passionate Ayurvedic healer from the beautiful state of Kerala which is known to be the Gods Own Country located in southern India.

She is a registered Practitioner in Ayurveda Medical Association of India (AMAI) . She is serving as consulting chief physician in Anjaneya Ayurvedic Hospital & Kalari Marma Chikitsalayam.

She is the second generation descendant of a strong traditional Kalari family. She was introduced into the field of Kalari Marma Chikitsa by her father Gurrukal Unnikrishnan who is a well known master of the traditional martial arts form of Kerala, the ´Kalaripayattu´ and also an expert in the field of Kalari Marma Chikitsa.

She completed her graduation in Ayurveda from a well-reputed Ayurvedic college at Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India.

After graduation she started her career by joining her traditional family of Ayurveda and kalari marma practitioners. She enjoys more than 5 years of clinical experience and has successfully treated over hundreds of patients.

Apart from giving consultations to patients in Kerala, she has got experience in working with European people especially from Germany and Switzerland for more than 3 years and was very much impressed by their strict attitude in maintaining health and accepting natural system of medicine by giving all moral values they deserve.

She is also experienced in giving lectures to students undergoing training in Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies.

Dr. Parvathy brings the depth of research into her clinical practice. Through their continuous innovation and research she becomes specialized in treating musculoskeletal diseases and post traumatic conditions.