Ayurvedic cooking the Ayurveda Instituut1

In Ayurveda Institute, there are also opportunities for inspiration and enrichment to your life. It contributes to more happiness in our lives. We offer workshops, training and travel to. We have created a special area (the "Sensorium", named for that part in the brains that control the senses). This is arranged so that the senses get all the attention.

An overview of all scheduled workouts, workshops etc. vind je in de agenda.


Ayurvedische Massage (basis) – 2 days

Training Ayurvedic Massage Therapist – 24 contact hours

Introduction to Massage – 4 sessions

Champi (Ayurvedische Hoofdmassage) – 1 day

Ayurvedic Facial Massage – 1 day

Nb. after the positive conclusion of the training you will receive a certificate.


Ayurvedic Cooking – 1 day (you get basic information about your constitution and the facets of nutrition and how you can incorporate into your daily life that, then we go together to cook and eat)

Detox with Yoga & Ayurveda – 1 day (postures and applications that you can use within your detox, the day is cleaning itself because you are offered by a variety of juices and snacks between workouts!)

Ayurveda Experience – 1 session (an introduction to Ayurveda: how to incorporate it into your daily life?)

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