Ayurvedic morning

Ayurvedic morning

Active Meditation in nature

Walking in India traditionally used as part of therapy. Motion ensures a good flow of energy which is essential for good health.

In this form of meditative walking you make contact with yourself, with nature and with all forms of energy around you. We also do some body- in ademhalingsoefeningen. This creates an opportunity for connection and flow again. In Ayurveda, the early morning (dawn) considered beneficial time for body and mind because Prana than is present in its purest form in the cosmos.

Where is the walk for?

  • It makes for a better flow / circulation in your body;
  • It creates a hormonal balance (there is o.a. endorphins, the "happiness hormone");
  • It improves flexibility and agility of your body.

At what symptoms?

  • For a good general well-being;
  • In depressive symptoms;
  • With obesity;
  • When back pain;
  • Insomnia;
  • For problems with breathing.


The walk will be held on a Sunday and lasts 60 minutes. The groups are small (max. 6 people). Commencement 9.00 hour.

In de Agenda You can find the dates and where the morning walks are given.

To be eligible, it is recommended to wear depending on the weather conditions expected comfortable clothing and footwear. If you have a complaint, please indicate this in advance so that can be taken into account.

Cost: 10 Euro.

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