Action of the month

We offer special packages every month at a fixed attractive rate of 59,99 euro per person. Below you can see in which month which treatment is offered.

By default you need your slippers, a bath towel and 2 towels to bring.

You can make a booking through our online booking system, and instant checkout. If you can't find a way out, you can also contact us via the contact page.


Full Body Detox

We have extended the December campaign! With this unique detox package you can enter the new year clean and relaxed by helping your body to cleanse and nourish it. The rough silk gloves (Garshan) prepare the skin for the ingredients that are then applied to your skin. It also provides extra blood flow. Alternatively, we use special scrub from lakshmi's Garshan line. This is followed by an oil massage and a super soft fango (= volcanic mud) gasket. In conclusion, you will go into the Svedana, the flexible steam room that is only put over your body. So your head stays cool. This way your body can absorb the valuable oils and minerals even more during the pleasant heat and relax. After the treatment, everything is gently removed with warm compresses and we nourish the skin as an extra with a special body cream.


All you need is Love

An arrangement that you can also undergo as a couple! February is the month of Love, that is why we have put together an arrangement in which all senses are caressed. The package includes. from a massage (back, neck and shoulders, head, décolleté and feet), a foot bath and a chocolate wrap. In conclusion, we have a surprise for you!


Energetic & Fit

Around the transition from winter to spring we often experience a feeling of heaviness. This can manifest itself in complaints such as fatigue, retention of fluid and mucus formation in the body. Time to cleanse and prepare your body for the new season, on healthy growth. Look at that tree near your house! The package consists of a dry massage (Udvartana) in which powder (this can be flour), or herbal powder) is used. Depending on the constitution, the treatment can be adjusted in such a way that the massage component becomes an emulsion by adding oil.. Finally you go into the sauna and then we take everything off with warm compresses.


Ode to Thalassa

Thalasso comes from ‘Thalassa‘, the sea goddess from Greek mythology. Also known as the mother of all marine life. In fact, this means the Mediterranean Sea and therefore this arrangement is an ode to this historically rich sea. Around this sea the first spas in the world were built. Seawater is identical to the composition of our body fluids. The pure necessity of salt for our body emphasizes Pythagoras ” Salt is born from the purest parents: the sun and the sea”. The body absorbs trace elements of, among other things, magnesium, calcium, sodium and minerals and at the same time it removes waste and impurities. This package includes a foot bath, Scrub, gasket and massage with various ingredients from the sea. You can also undergo this package as a couple.


Padma Hotels

Padma is the sacred lotus or Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) . This aquatic plant has pink flowers and a fruit in the form of a cut yellow cone. Because of its origins, unique form and self-cleaning capacity is therefore seen as a symbol within Hinduism and Buddhism of purity and strength.. She is worshipped through the goddess Lakshmi who is for beauty, richness and purity state. The name Padma is also connected to the holy feet of Lord Krishna. The package starts with a foot bath, scrub of the feet, foot massage and a foot wrap. This is followed by a scrub, massage and wrapping of the hands. And finally, you will undergo a beauty treatment of the head, neck and décolleté with products from the LakShmi range tailored to your skin. You can extend this package in advance with other cosmetic treatments (eg special deep cleaning, paints, resins, epilation). You can also undergo this package as a couple (in consultation with us).


Padma Hotels

We extend this package in the summer months.


Padma Hotels

We extend this package in the summer months.


Enchanting hammam

The school holidays are over and the summer is coming to an end… your bare skin under the influence of the hot sun, sea and wind has had to endure a lot requires a thorough scrub and good preparation for the new season, autumn, to defy. This package includes the basics of the traditional hammam such as steam bath, body scrub and gasket (no need to shower). And especially delicious: the enchanting floral scents ensure that you are completely back in holiday atmospheres. You can also book this package in duo version (2 people at the same time).


Feet & Handball

We don't think about it so much, but our working organs (legs and arms) are constantly busy. Also in these areas tension and waste products accumulate, causing complaints such as stiffness, neuralgia, Cramps, Swellings, pavements, too cold or too hot hands/feet. In this package they get attention again through bathing, exfoliation, warm compresses, massage and pay attention to the nails. Nb. we are not a pedicure; if we find that there is athlete's foot or fungal nail, we unfortunately cannot treat the feet and we propose an alternative (option: facial massage or massage of the legs). In consultation, a duo treatment is possible.


Indian Summer

This package is dedicated to India. You will be introduced to the Indian head massage (which also consists of a facial massage)., neck and shoulder massage) and the unique foot massage with the kaash dish. In addition, we let you taste a drink and snack from the Indian / Ayurvedic cuisine to chill out. This package is also available in a duo version. Please note: only on Saturday and Sunday.


Ayurveda Wellness Combi Introductory Package

If you are not yet familiar with Ayurveda then this package is a nice introduction to experience it. What's in the package? A brief introduction to Ayurveda, and an abhyanga oil massage of the body fully tailored to your constitution. You can indicate in advance which extra option you are going for: a head massage, sauna or head begieting. Also in duo version (for 2 persons at the same time).


Full Body Detox

This is a combination treatment in which scrubbing is done with special silk gloves (garshan), an oil massage is given and then a mud wrap is applied to your body. Finally, you go into the special swedana steam room to better absorb all active substances into your skin. Also in duo version (for 2 persons at the same time).