Ayurvedic consultation

Pulse diagnosisA complete, clear and practical consultation

We have a number of years by printed a large part of the consultations from the hands to various Ayurvedic doctors. Recently we again offer ample opportunity to itself. Within the Ayurveda Institute will be given by Franca Ficchi, Ayurvedic Practitioner.

With the almost 20 years of experience it has gained with clients in treatments, cures and calls can they determine the Constitution for you and explain where you imbalance is. In addition, able and broad advice given in the field of nutrition- and lifestyle. Also techniques as yoga, panchakarma, breathing therapy and reflexology can be applied to support.

After an initial consultation can (depending on the complaints) follow-up consultations or treatments are used.

Franca is in regular contact with a number of expert Ayurvedic physicians around the world whereby they up to date and monitored stays within the Ayurveda.