Ayurvedic Massage

Were thousands of years ago in India, the advantages of both pre-emptive than curative use of oil in the body known. Traditionally, therefore, was as self-therapy in the form of massage applied within the family circles to keep health as well as possible to standard.

The oil could be applied in different ways: for the whole body (abhyanga), for the head (shiroabhyanga), feet (padabhyanga), the anda (netrabasti), de oren (karnapurana) And on specific energy points (marmabhyanga).

Within Ayurveda also takes into account the constitution, of disbalans, the circumstance and the season. This means that to be the best treatment comes into its own with any client, anytime constantly reassessed. So there will be a vata- type (wherein the element is high air) can be generally selected as a base oil for sesame oil, a pitta-type (with an excess of fire) more olive- or coconut oil) and kapha type (with an excess of water / ground) mustard oil are used. Ghee is generally recommended for all types because they are the most nourishing and restorative (sattvic) works.

The Ayurvedic massage differs from most other massages using various herbal oils (taila’s). Both physiologically and energetically these oils work well. In India, massage clinics in mainly engineering and as part of the therapy given. Is more emphasis on the entertainment level within the health sector.


Effects of Ayurvedic Massage

Massaging with oil has not only a smerende operation, In addition, she also has a few other actions depending on the properties of the type of oil. She works on all body tissues:

– cleaning;

– relaxing;

– softening;

– stimulating;

– feeding;

– refreshing.


Function of Ayurvedic massage

– stimulates blood circulation;

– they remove waste;

– she feeds the central nervous system;

– she leaves the body and mind relax.


For whom and for what symptoms is an Ayurvedic massage advisable?

The massage is to match each individual and each circumstance, that makes Ayurveda so unique. This can be done by adapting the technique to dosha’s (VPK) of the person being massaged, but by circumstance, timing and type of massage.


When is an Ayurvedic massage advisable?

The massage is highly recommended around the seasonal changes (preventive effect), but they can also be used for common complaints such as stress, fatigue, sleeping, weakness (not too intense), Anxiety one depressi, skin problems, digestive problems. It is advisable to consult so that complaints can be addressed more effectively advance an Ayurvedic doctor (vaidya).

Oil has a calming effect on the body. It gives a secure feeling. Positive effects of the massage in the long term felt. Also give clients often be 'reset' after the massage.


Franca Ficchi,

Ayurvedic Practitioner / Massagetherapeute