Make online appointment

We can't get away from it these days.… a lot is happening via the Internet and media. To streamline everything better and serve the convenience of our clients, we have opted for an online booking tool. You can now easily make an appointment and pay right away via the new online booking program of Appybee:

You can also use the integrated link at the bottom of the site for an appointment. This link is suitable for PC, laptop and tablet.

If you use your mobile phone, we recommend that you App Via Google Play or the Apple Store upload. The advantage of this app is that you have everything at your fingertips and you regularly receive special promotions and discounts. In addition, the app is clearly and convenient to use, and you can also post reviews.


  • We have made a distinction in W (Wellness) and T (Therapy). Come for therapeutic purposes and want to receive a declaration form, Pay particular attention to this!
  • There are two locations: Groningen and Winschoten. When you sign an appointment, make sure it's at the location you want.
  • Registration is free.
  • Registration and payments are secure.
  • Easy to- and unsubscribe.
  • Reimbursement is made via an intermediary (Appybee).
  • Of course, we also stay through the old familiar mail, this website, phone and whatsapp accessible!