Transforming into new times

2021 was definitely another erratic year for most of us! Within our company we have had to make some adjustments to be able to continue to work within the current regulations.. It is becoming increasingly difficult also with regard to care, Insurance, discord in health (vaccinated and unvaccinated) and an increasingly eroded economy.

In the last two years, there have been clear shifts in behaviour and needs among the client.. The demand for help on both a physical and mental level has increased enormously since Covid-19 made its appearance. There is also a greater need for small scale and a safe, familiar place where you can be yourself for a while.

We move with the times. That is why we have decided to continue to focus on Ayurveda for the time being., advice, (therapeutic- and wellness treatments and less on courses and workshops. The latter can now continue in mutual consultation with small groups and be organized as desired.

Our wellness department (LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa) in Groningen has been established since June this year and is taking shape more and more with new employees and beauticians in training. At the location in Winschoten we continue to focus on clients / guests for multi-day individual (spa) packages.