Starting from sept: course Germanic medicine

The discovery of your SELF in relation to the biology of your body.

Discover the miracle of biology in your body: When the skin of your feeling the light of your soul goes out, will your body in response your hidden thinking show.

Man has chosen on the basis of his Dharma to a path in this life to go. On this path is also faced with the man ill-are. Sickness has a commitment with the soul on the basis of consciousness.

The current medicine knows almost no answers on the causes of sickness. This makes sense! The current medicine does not take into account the existence of a soul. The Vedas, a Hindu wisdom of more than 10.000 years young, Describes the different ways Al-inspiration.

Who has a cause given for at least 90% of disease is Dr. Ryke Ansari Hammer. To figure out the cause plays a part of the soul, in this case, the mental body, an emphatic role.
The causes of sickness and how our body reacts to all kinds of conflicts, Dr. Hammer described on the basis of the 5 organic laws. These laws are tested against more than 40.000 investigations. These laws are applied within the Germanic medicine (GNM). This surgery is on 105 points verifiable.

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On several occasions I have several people informed about the purity – and operation of this surgery. Some souls if I even extending a hand of the cause of their physical and mental “health” and them, with this knowledge, to bring healing.
Of different diseases have so 90% a direct relationship with the psyche: the consciousness or the soul.
The environment, but also the person concerned, often responds by saying "it's between the ears." This is actually correct. Dr. Hammer has established by means of the GNM, that any conflict is also one of the 6 parts of the brain is concerned.

Consciousness is the information medium of our soul. Also plays a role, that every “disease” a Synchronicity is: a parallel event in the life, It is only in retrospect become aware of which. An event to raise awareness. Dr. C G. Jung says: “All of which we are not aware, comes back in the form of fate!”

With sufficient interest is from 6 september 2017 a GNM course given in the Ayurvedic Institute, Hippocrateslaan 40, 9728 HJ Groningen. In 7 lessons is a pretty broad field of GNM treated.
Before the 7 lessons are given, is explained in one lesson in advance who the man actually is, so the biological reaction of the body to place on a conflict is better.

This explanation takes place d. m. v. a PPT presentation titled: meet with your soul; A lecture for all seekers of the embrace of their Soul.

The lessons are scheduled on the first Wednesday evening of the month of 19.30 to 22.00 hours of the month. The dates are: 6 september 2017, 4 October, 1 november, 6 december, 3 January 2018, 7 February, 7 March and 4 april.

The goal of course is, that you – After 7 meetings the principle of the GNM understands and – in the future the body can follow when the biological changes and you can put your own healing process .

The course requires no extensive study. Though a youthful curiosity!
Of the subjects to the pieces 1 week prior to the course day sent.
About the topic are various all kinds of practical examples and also the students invited themselves to provide examples. This enlivens the evening and together of the GNM.

The fee amounts to €. 12,50 per class. The lessons last 2,5 hours including a break from 15 minutes. It is expected that the fee of €. 100,00 at the start of the course is paid.


The topics of this course:

Meet with your soul. During this presentation is also the base of the Germanic medicine explained. How the body as an independent entity on the mental body (the compulsive thinking) of a man reacts and which therefore only man can heal itself.

Explanation 5 organic laws

Inner layer – entoderm – brok conflicts + tracks

Middle layer – old & new mesoderm – Own value conflicts + skeleton, muscles, tendons/Gristle, fat- & connective tissue, cartilage and lymph vessels + leukemia

Start – ectoderm – separation- and territorial conflicts, This linked to the rules of the scales + 4 types of heart failure / – infarcts

Breast-, Prostate-, uterus-, teeltbal cancer. As well as diabetes & Hypoglycemia. Entoderm and ectoderm. The cause of diabetes is an attack- or defensive conflict. The cause of hypoglycemia is a fear/disgust conflict. (cervical cancer has the cause from the 3rd layer a separation/territory conflict)

Start – ectoderm – separation- and territorial conflicts, This linked to retardaties (= emotional development work) + constellations. Constellations are double-strikes and when the territory areas hit caused fear and horror territory worse this Autism: gradation 1 t/m 5 (. Asperger). To 21 / 25 year translates this in humans in an emotional development work (= retardation). A constellation is caused by a double impact in both hemispheres or cortex.

Start – ectoderm – separation- and territorial conflicts, coupled with the skin and (post) motor & sensory cortex & Morbus Parkinson
Attached documents as items to be discussed are: eczema neurodermitis, outer skin schedule & mouth film schedule, skin-excesses 22 pages, Morbus Parkinson, example of site latest articles: itching, separation conflict to the skin.