Foot reflexology, Ayurvedic

Datum / tijd
30 April 2022
10:30 - 16:30

Ayurveda Het Instituut

Here in the West we know above all the modern foot reflexology in which the energy pathways are mainly used in a technical way., zones and points of the systems in our body are treated. Within the ancient life science Ayurveda we find a more detailed description and links are made between nature, the different systems inside our bodies and beyond. A holistic approach can be an enrichment to support your health and awareness of life wisdom. The feet are traditionally considered 'sacred' in India’ and therefore occupy an important place within the massage.

The morning program consists mainly of theory (origin, background, Ayurvedic basics, explanation of application). After a short lunch we start with the practical part where we practice on each other.

The workshop is an introduction to Ayurvedic massage and accessible to anyone interested. Do you want to immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic massage? Then you can sign up for one of the other workshops or the training.

Trainer: Franca Ficchi

Duration: 10.30 – 16.30 hour

Cost: 159 Euro (incl. btw). Are you coming as a duo? Then you will receive 10% reduced price!

Max. number of participants: 8.

The workshop includes:

  • to drink, refreshments and an Ayurvedic lunch
  • all utens only material
  • you must bring your own bath (hand) cloths.

Wear easy clothing during the workshop. Also bring footwear such as slippers or convenience shoes that you can wear indoors. We are not liable for damage or injury resulting from careless actions by the participant himself at the time of the workshop or afterwards. We also ask you to clean up and clean all attributes together if necessary.

Registration: via email.

Do you want proof of participation? Let us know!