Ayurvedic head massage workshop

Ayurvedic head massage workshop


6 April 2024
10:00 - 16:00


Ayurveda Het Instituut
Protonstraat 13-C, Groningen

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Our head is the most essential part of our body from which our entire system such as central nervous system and senses is regulated. A massage ensures that we become aware of our own feelings in body and mind again. Paying attention to the scalp and hair are additional aspects that are part of good self-care. The Ayurvedic head massage (also called: Indian head massage of Chiampi) is distinguished by its techniques and use of specific oils. In this workshop you will practice on each other. In addition to the head, we also pay attention to the neck shoulder area and the face.

Max. 8 people.

Cost: 180 Euro (incl. 21% btw).

Please bring your own lunch and comfortable clothes. Keep in mind that you will get oil in your hair, Protect your head from cold and wet weather conditions when you go outside again.