Body & Mind 21 d-Detox program

In January a Body & Mind Detox program of 21 days!
di. 8 t/m di. 29 January 2019

In the first week of January you can schedule an intake with us, now create a appointment.

Start 2019 with the cleaning! Make it a habit to your body (and thereby also spirit) to clean. Discharge and recharge is the essence. You are helping to support the overall health in a responsible way.

The do-it-yourself detox program – headed by Franca Ficchi (Ayurveda Institute) and Yvonne Coppens (Yyoga)- offers you a full, structured form of therapy with treatments, techniques and wisdom from the world of Yoga and Ayurveda. You can under guidance on responsible, relaxing and enjoyable way & #8216; light’ Detox. We will send you daily inspiring tips, dietary recommendations and information by mail, app or sms. The only thing we ask of you is a certain degree of self-discipline, the need for proper care to yourself.

Want to join? In the first week of January 2019 You can an intake/consultation of 45 schedule:. You can sign up through the mail or call us for an appointment. During the intake you will receive an overview of the program and it would you give where you want to join. Do you do to all parts than you only pay 235 Euro!