Inspire your Yoga: silence day

“I am the taste in pure water, the glare in the Sun and the Moon, the sacred Word AUM and the sound in the silence”.Bhagavad Gita

If you have knowledge in the past made with moments of silence, then you have probably experienced the beautiful force that it also plays.

When you have trouble letting go and your head (and thus also your mind and body) to bring leave it alone is the regular practice of ' nothing’ do perfect.

Meditation is the key to that silence. Experiencing anything at that moment arises in both your mind and your body. It teaches you a to interact with those things you unconsciously trying to push away or no longer sees. Meditation allows you to become more aware of the other layers of your & #8216; its’ and to lovingly embrace in your entirety as a personality.

Build a silence day regularly works equally strong as a detox treatment. Deep blockages can release. It gives you peace and brings the softness in yourself back, whereby the natural energy flows again.

Scientific studies show that regular meditation is good for the brain functions, the central nervous system and to restore the overall health.

The day will be led by Yvonne Campos and Franca Ficchi, both are yoga teachers with many years of experience in yoga, Ayurveda and meditation.

We can imagine that the silence you sometimes can & #8216; flies & #8217;. You are therefore free to this day to go outside to relax. We don't oblige you to anything, only that the silence in space is maintained.

Between the afternoon offered a lunch with soup and sandwiches. The whole day you can go to wish Ayurvedic tea. What do you take yourself? Easy wear and clothing including. socks and take a blanket with you between by well to keep warm. Also a bottle with water is useful.

Contribution: 20 Euro.

You can sign up via email: