Auto-immuunziekte, an Ayurvedic perspective

In an autoimmune disease, there is a wrong reaction of our defense mechanism against the body's own tissue. Our immune system has a very sophisticated system to keep us disease free. It identifies all foreign substances that invade our body and everything we come into contact. If our immune system is something dangerous eight, produces antibodies to ward off harmful invaders. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body is working hard to defend against potentially hazardous substances our bodies, such as allergens, toxins, infections or food, but does not see the difference between the invaders and our own body cells. Because certain body cells for harmful looketh, antibodies are sent on off. This leads to considerable physical klachten.Ayurveda describes this in a slightly different way. Ayurveda suggests that the immune system attacks the body's own cells do not accidentally, but it does to defend against a form of harmful metabolites body, genaamd ‘Ama’. Ama is produced in the tissues that are attacked. There are several reasons for the emergence of Ama (this will be discussed in the following paragraphs). Likewise, there are several reasons for the different ways in which Ama out. Actually Ama also responsible for a number of other conditions, ranging from occasional diarrhea (diarrhea) to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and an everyday until incurable indigestion SLE (also known as systemic lupus erythematosus). The reason behind such a wide range of disorders caused by Ama lies in the property of the Ama that it takes out on various cells of the body, and deep within the biological systems calls. Autoimmune diseases are usually caused by large amounts of Ama penetrate certain body tissues or physiological systems. In addition, prolonged exposure to poorly digestible food, pollutants, allergenic, toxic stoffen, synthetic chemicals and drugs is another cause of autoimmune diseases. Poor treatment of the disease and repeated suppression of symptoms without addressing the cause, also accelerates disease progression.


Ama does not reveal itself directly physically, but expresses itself through the effects it has on the body. The presence of Ama and the presence in the body cells is easy to fix with a questionnaire and a clinical examination. Laboratory tests may create a little because of the complex nature of Ama, and because of the fact that Ama is not fully inserted, characterized by a bio-chemical composition. Strictly speaking, consists of Ama incompletely digested metabolic substances. The emergence of these can have different causes. As with a fireplace, where there is a lack of air and too much moisture relatively little heat and lots of smoke arises, also our metabolism similarly malfunctioning. Via our metabolism than forming toxins and other incompletely burned and incompatible substances in the body known as Ama. The production of Ama can take place in the inner spijverteringsorganen, but also physiological system-level, tissue level, celniveau level of moleculair, where the relevant organs of the digestive system affects. At an early stage Ama can be easily cured, but as the physical condition persists for an extended period of time, just like a blocked chimney, Ama hinders the physiological channels of the body, it slows down the metabolism, impedes the supply of produced metabolites and toxins are produced that result again in more production of Ama. If this condition is not the body corrects itself or if there is no medical help is sought, creates a vicious circle.

In the initial phase, when the Ama in the larger body channels is, trying an alternative way to get rid of the toxins present our bodies. This causes the body, inter alia, by making use of the rest of the body channels use, such as purification, vomit, errhine (via snow), sweat, saliva, urine shoulder etc. However, in case of chronic conditions, or if there are repeated suppression of Ama, Nesting toxins deep in the cells. The AMA is currently a threat to our health, and because it is now up to the level of tissue has penetrated, starts our immune system to attack the affected cells to. This causes inflammation or allergic reactions that without proper treatment can lead to auto-immune diseases. If the disease once manifested, it is difficult to control the condition in its entirety.

Depending on the affected body area, There are different symptoms and different organs involved in autoimmune diseases. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), Addison's disease, agammaglobulinemia (Bruton's disease or also XLA), alopecia areata (patches of baldness), ankylosing spondylitis, atopic dermatitis, auto-immune aplastic anemie, auto-immune cardiomyopathie, auto-immune hepatitis, auto-immune perifere Neuropathie, self-immuun trombocytopenische purpura, Berger's disease, Chronisch recidiverende multifocal osteomyelitis, Crohn's disease, Cushing's syndrome, diabetes mellitus type 1, eczema, Graves' disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, sclerose multiple (MS), myasthenia gravis, psoriasis, psoriatic artritis, rheumatoid artritis, rheumatic fever, systemische lupus erythematodes, ulcerative colitis, etc.. are some of the autoimmune diseases that occur in a variety of tissues and organs.


The following factors, alone or in combination with each other, may contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases:

A. The penetration of deep tissues Ama. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. Weak digestion
The digestive system plays the most important metabolic function of the body, and is the basis for all other macro- and micro-metabolic processes that convert and breaking down all organic substances regulate. Weak digestion leads to the accumulation of incompletely processed metabolites ee coarser level. This in turn has an impact on all metabolic processes, allowing the production of Ama, both superficially and on a deeper level rises.

2. Vitiation of Dosha
The Dosha are bio-humors that govern all physiological processes in the body. When the Dosha be for any reason, also adversely affected, they cause a variety of diseases. Depletion of Dosha, where the normal physiology of metabolism disrupts touches, also leads to Ama.

3. Accumulation of metabolic waste
Suppressing the natural urge to get rid of metabolic waste, leads to physical obstructions in the discharge channels of the body. The resulting accumulations of waste at different levels of metabolism, does the number of toxins rise, which ultimately leads to an increase in the body Ama.

B. Prolonged exposure to incompatible materials

1. Food
Some foods are naturally incompatible and unhealthy for everyone. Other foods are not well tolerate only for people with a certain constitution, while other food is not good for a few people. Normally, many food just to be safe to eat, but in combination with other foods that can not sometimes be the case. Toxic substances are easy to recognize because they pose a danger acutely. However many people are not aware of the incompatibility of some foods they regularly take to themselves because the only mild symptoms. In short, each individual has different sensitivities and incompatibilities.

2. Addictions
The addiction to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc. makes the body completely dependent on unhealthy chemicals. In people who are addicted, accumulate toxins that damage the vital organs and the defense mechanism paralyze.

3. Medicines
Several drugs used for symptomatic relief, suppress or the superficial symptoms of diseases, but this incomplete treatment of the underlying cause, in fact, the condition complicates. Moreover, excessive use of antibiotics suppresses the natural defenses of the body, and steroids reduce our immunity. All these drugs lead to improper or prolonged use to metabolites that may be incompatible with our body cells.


Treatment of the underlying cause, solving the problems and the rehabilitation by stimulating the vitality of the body together form the Ayurvedic treatment of auto-immune diseases. A thorough examination of the current course of disease and how the disease is manifested in the past, is essential to identify the cause of the disorder. In a more advanced stage of the disease, the pathology Ama-homogenized with body tissue and can not be easily separated from the host cells. Powerful extraction of Ama can cause serious damage to vital cellular tissue. Ayurveda recommends in this case a special bio-purification method. Swedana therapy soaked Ama gradually separated from cells and tissues. Then makes sure Snehana loose and scattered Ama Dosha clump together and that these substances are additionally loosening of cellular tissue. Depending on the place in the body where this process takes place, Ama is discharged through a near physical channels, such as the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract, gal, the ademhaling, etc.. With special cures, including therapeutic vomiting, therapeutic went clean, enema’s, therapeutic errhine (through the nose) are the Ama, Dosha and other metabolites released from the body. To avoid repetition of the accumulation of Ama in the body, there are special Ayurvedic supplements and herbs to increase digestion and metabolism. To restore the vitality of the body, is rejuvenation therapy 'Rasayana' advised, depending on the condition of the patient. Help Rasayanatherapieën to restore the vitality and strength of the damaged body cells.

Ayurveda is based on a holistic treatment method for treating disorders. Without limiting the normal bodily, Ayurveda supports the body during recovery. Thanks to the use of natural herbs and supplements are completely safe Ayurvedic treatments. Treatments may ask a little more patience than conventional treatments. The big advantage is that the results of Ayurveda permanent in nature and almost always promising. Never rely solely on the effects of pharmaceuticals on their own initiative and avoid taking medication. It is strongly recommended that you consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and to just under his/her direct appropriate supervision to follow an Ayurvedic treatment.