Ayuryoga: The wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga together


Ayuryoga is a combination of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic wisdom. It focuses on the unique individual and the five elements of nature. Ayuryoga is different every time, in both teaching content as in experiencing.

Ayurveda is 'wisdom‘, Yoga is 'Connection‘.  It provides connection in every walk of life consciousness. It keeps you both young, smooth, healthy, energetic and relaxed in body and mind.

Classes are taught in small groups, so personal guidance is guaranteed.

See agenda for the courses on offer.


Ayuryoga consult is a individual yoga therapy and is a (self) tool to address physical and mental complaints. It consists of tailor-made support in yoga postures and meditation exercises. For the effectiveness we recommend a series of 5 Weekly consultations in plan.


Meditation is a way to raise awareness and you back into harmony (peace) to bring with yourself. It brings you in touch with your inner silence.  By silence aware to experience other layers of your 'being' open, leaving from unrest, hold and comes more pain for floor and rest. Meditation works effectively with others. stress, burnout and insomnia but generally works very well as a regular part of your daily routine.