Action of the month

From the new year we offer special packages every month at a fixed attractive rate of 59,99 euro per person. Below you can see in which month which treatment is offered. By default you need your slippers, a bath towel and 2 towels … Read More

Yoga room

Space for rent

From January 2022 we make our yoga room downstairs available for rental (day/part of the day) on Mondays and/or Wednesdays. The space is approximately 35 m2 and has a soft and comfortable (combi wood / cork) floor. Equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning (generated by solar panels / heat pump). Suitable … Read More

Transforming into new times

2021 was definitely another erratic year for most of us! Within our company we have had to make some adjustments to be able to continue to work within the current regulations.. It is becoming increasingly difficult also with regard to care, … Read More

We are now a Recognized Training Company!

Super proud! From August 2021 we have been designated by SBB as a Recognized Training Company that offers the opportunity to train / guide students in the profession to become professionals in the field. Meet our three beauticians in the coming year … Read More

New department! LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa

From May, our wellness department is officially called LakShmi Ayurveda Sensorial Spa! A department where all senses receive attention. We are open by appointment from Thursday to Sunday. You can schedule an appointment here. Most treatments can also be used as a duo treatment … Read More

Rate changes from Feb. 2021

Starting from February 2021 for years, we have been making changes to the existing tariffs again.. This is due to an increase in general costs and a return to tax (VAT) on all our services and products. … Read More