Vacation shutdown

Let's refuel! From Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October 2022 we are closed due to a short holiday.

Action of the month

We offer special packages every month at a fixed attractive rate of 59,99 euro per person. Below you can see in which month which treatment is offered. By default, you must … Read more

Space for rent

The multifunctional room downstairs is available for rental from Monday to Friday (day/part of the day). The space is approximately 35 m2 and has a soft and comfortable (combi wood / cork) floor. Provide … Read more

Transforming into new times

2021 was definitely another erratic year for most of us! Within our company we have had to make some adjustments to be able to stay within the current regulations. … Read more

We are now a Recognized Training Company!

Super proud! From August 2021 we have been designated by SBB as a Recognized Training Company that offers the opportunity to train / guide students in the profession to become a professional in the … Read more