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Het Ayurveda Instituut since its inception early 2000 become a valuable and unique center with basic Ayurveda, yoga / meditatie a massage. It offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments, Wellness, workshops and trainings.


franca's profileFranca Ficchi. Founder and inspiration behind the Institute with a separate section for naturopathic treatments. Followed o.a. Eisra courses at The Hague, Dutch Bodywork Academy en Hara Yoga Opleiding in Groningen. She has also held many years working in a large health resort. With more than 20 years of expertise within its box in the complementary medicine she has thousands of clients supported and helped with effective recovery on both physical and mental plane.

Member of the BATC, CAT/CK and RBCZ.



To support works Franca regularly with both Dutch and foreign colleagues from various disciplines that support her settled in the various activities within the Institute.

We work together with. the following practices and colleagues:


Josie Davidse



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