Therapeutic treatments

Ayurvedic Practioner®

There are several forms of treatment can be used which are specifically applied to complaint (s) and person. The Ayurvedic Practitioner is a therapist (e) guides and supports you with treatments and advice. De term ‘Ayurvedic Practitioner’ is a protected title in medicine in India. Within the Ayurveda Institute is the Ayurvedic Practitioner represented by Franca Ficchi.

Detailed information about the Ayurvedic treatments can be found on the website – Practice for nature-oriented therapies – by Franca Ficchi.

Panchakarma, a in-depth cleansing cure

Panchakarma is the five-fold purification treatment (five acts). She is both curative and preventive deployed. Inside The Ayurveda Institute, the emphasis is more on the preventive nature. We offer two types of courses on: externally (Year by starting individual) and intern (Semi-annually, group).

The panchakarma that we carry out individually is a unique tailor-made cure. We think it is important to know for what purpose you come and whether there are specific physical / psychological complaints, that is why you can first do an intake with us in advance. The cures are internal in our farm in Winschoten. Fixed daily components in the all-inclusive cure include 1 to 2 Treatments, sauna, short consultation, rest, Yoga and meditation. In addition, there is the possibility to build in a small workshop in the field of nutrition during the cure.

For more information please contact us, or make an appointment for an intake.


Massage increases the overall health and well-being of the human body. Massage therapy appears to make a good contribution to the homeostasis (balance) of the recipient's body.

Due to the specific techniques and touch through the skin, the central nervous system is activated and sedated in such a way that it contributes to effective recovery in case of complaints..

More information about the offer in the field of massage therapy can be found on the website – Practice for nature-oriented therapies – by Franca Ficchi.

Health insurance reimbursement

If you come for therapy, you can get a declaration form for the health insurance for the treatments.

We are experienced and skilled practitioners who are members of various professional and registers. This means that you are in many cases the cost (partially) reimbursed by means of the health care provider.