Frequently asked questions

How does a first appointment work?

Treatment generally takes an hour. At the first appointment, a short intake takes place. Based on the intake interview, a treatment plan is determined (in consultation).

What should I take into account when treating me?

Bring your own (large) bath towel and a small towel. Also note that symptoms may occur after treatment, e.g. light-headed, feeling drowsy, being 'of the world', fatigue, pain. These are normal reactions that disappear within a few hours to a day. You will have plenty of time to recover before you leave. Also pay attention to the clothes you are wearing: do not wear fragile clothing that cannot withstand oil.

How long does a treatment take?

A treatment can vary from half an hour to 2 hour. A
complaint-oriented treatment becomes effective if there is 3-5 treatments on
take place on a regular basis and in a short period of time.

What does a treatment cost?

The current prices of the treatments can be found in our
Booking system can be found under the button 'make an appointment'.

How fast is the effect of a treatment?

Often results have already been achieved after one treatment, especially in the relaxation area. A series of 3 to 5 treatments on a regular basis is advisable to achieve an effective result in case of complaints.

How can I pay?

You can click on the button 'make an appointment' via the site’ click to get you into an online booking system. You can pay online right away. In addition, you can still pay in cash, with pin or we send you a payment request (tikkie) over the phone. If you have been a client with us for some time and visit us on a regular basis, transferring to an account is also possible.


We have a policy of minimum 24 cancel hours in advance (via e-mail, whatsapp or phone), otherwise we are forced to charge the costs. You can also use the online booking system 48 reschedule or cancel the appointment yourself hours in advance.

I'm pregnant, can I then undergo a treatment?

You can make an appointment with us from the 12th week. In the last weeks before delivery, only a foot reflexology treatment or a partial treatment of eg head, back, neck- and shoulder area recommended.

I have cancer, can I then undergo a treatment?

In consultation with your attending physician or regular practitioner, you can undergo treatment. A foot reflex- or marma point treatment is recommended unless otherwise advised.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment via the online booking system on the site, email, phone or WhatsApp (see 'Contact').

I am additionally insured, is the treatment also reimbursed?

We advise you to always inform the health insurer in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees for reimbursements. Always bring your health insurance card with you at a first appointment so that we can draw up all the details for a claim form.