Workshop Ayurvedisch Koken

Ayurvedic cooking the Ayurveda Instituut1Ayurvedic cooking the Ayurveda Instituut2cooking workshop the ayurveda Institute 1

Do you like to cook and to become involved in food

What is healthy eating?

Go for pure nature in your diet?

Which diet is right for me?

Are you express your creativity in your cooking a little lost?

What is Ayurveda? And what is Ayurvedic cooking? Which consists of Ayurvedic cooking?

If these questions appeal to you, then this cooking class worth to try! You do not have to join any top chef. Be yourself, Everyone is welcome!

The workshop is very practical oriented. Simple Ayurvedic principles will be used to boil in balance. You will also receive a workbook with a clear overview.

We work in small groups of two, and you will be amazed at how much fun it is to be used by your cooking partners inspired

Then we go together all prepared to try and eat. The workshops consist of preparing vegetarian meals and interest purely vegan.

We work in a wide, attractive and well-equipped cooking studio.

In de Agenda Check the dates on which a cooking occurs again.

Location: Ayurveda Institute

Min-max number of participants: 6 – 12 people,

Costs: 60 euro p.p.. / duo: 55 euro p.p.

Registration: via email or this site.

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