This season there are a number of inspiring Yoga & Ayurveda events scheduled!

MUST IYY is a collaboration between Yvonne Campos of Yyoga and Franca Ficchi of the Ayurveda Institute. In 2015 they have a platform under the name ' INSPIRE YOUR YOGA! ' in which they both want to convey their enthusiasm and creativity for the box. There are regularly organized events that are accessible to all. Both Yvonne as Franca are professionals in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda with years of experience in organizing and guiding groups.

Be-live nights Yoga & Ayurveda

monthly theme meetings

On these evenings we go deeper into the backgrounds of Yoga and Ayurveda and how you can integrate this age-old worldly wisdoms in everyday life.

We start the evening with a relaxing yoga class where we tune the attitudes on the theme.

Then is there a lecture or a presentation about the theme and the opportunity to ask questions.

You get advice and practical tips for home.

Teachers: Franca Ficchi and Yvonne Campos.

1x per month on Wednesday night

19.30 hours – 21.45 hour

Price: 25 Euro

Students of Franca or Yvonne: 18 Euro

More information?


06-543 080 05 (Yvonne)

06-244 900 72 (Franca)

Season calendar 2017/ 2018

  • 6 September: Course (8 x) Germanic medicine (GNM): the discovery to your SELF
  • 10 September: Reading the back of Cancer
  • 20 september:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaWho am I, what suits me?
  • 11 october:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaAUTUMN Detox
  • 8 november:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaFeeling good (dealing with burn-out and depression)
  • 13 december:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaHelp! In the transition


  • 10 January:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaWho am I, what suits me?
  • 14 February:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaLiving with chronic pain
  • 14 March:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaSPRING Detox
  • 11 April:Be-live evening Yoga & AyurvedaWho am I, what suits me?
  • May:Be-live evening Yoga & Ayurveda

 Who am I, what suits me?

Integrate your unique food and live style (per season). What's your unique Constitution and how do you keep that optimally balanced. On the basis of a questionnaire and with practical help from the Ayurvedic Practioner you determine what your Constitution is and what you (don't) need. On this night you can experience how to yoga, nutrition and other opinions yourself internally can clean and feed to be as fresh and energetic the season by coming. The workshop is open to everyone.

Autumn Detox

Cleanse your body and mind with Yoga and Ayurveda. Autumn is an excellent time to body and especially spirit to clean but also to prepare yourself for the seizoenswisseling from summer to autumn. On this night you receive all exercises and tips that can help you.

Spring Detox

In the course of the winter and early spring have toxins (especially mucus) is accumulated in our body. Optimal support by our health is an annual cleansing Spa advised so that the system can continue to prepare for the summer. Yoga and Ayurveda are supporting resources to do this do it yourself detox.

Feeling good (dealing with burn-out and depression)

Burn-out and depression; How can you ensure that your balance in this society in which there is a lot expected of you.

Help! In the transition ...

Evening special for women who experience difficulties in the transition. The changes, common complaints, and how you can keep yourself in balance are discussed.

Living with chronic pain

Explanation of the essence of pain, and how you deal with it with Yoga and Ayurveda can go to integrate into your daily live- and food style.